Sweet, warm and gingery (rather like Matt2). This is the perfect winter cocktail.

I found this drink because Matt2 brought me back some delicious scrumpy from the West Country. I set to the task of finding a cocktail to put the cider to effective use in. 

Cider isn't terribly common in cocktails - mostly, all I could find was some kind of variation on Snakebite. (Tip: Don't do that. It's not a cocktail.)

Of course, I could have found a recipe the uses apple juice, and substituted with cider, but that felt like cheating. 

I finally unearthed this recipe, and I'm very glad I did, as it's now one of my 'go to' drinks when I want to treat myself. 


  1. 4 pieces

  2. ½ msr

  3. ½ msr

  4. 1 msr

  5. 1½ msr

  6. 2 dashes

The Marvellous Method

Muddle ginger, lemon and honey. Add cider, bourbon, bitters and ice. Shake and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with skewered crystallised ginger


Crystallised Ginger

Lemon Juice

Honey Syrup (or Honey)



Angostura Bitters