Fallen Angel

Like the Lychee Martini, this is a very easy drinking cocktail. (Perhaps too easy drinking?). In Poland, the grass vodka is supped with apple juice and cinnamon which is also nice.

I have tried a few different pear liqueurs. All are very sweet but I find the Xante is my favourite, being a little less sweet and darker than others, which gives a better colour to the cocktail.

A thin slice of apple, or if you’re feeling daring, star fruit, makes a good garnish.

I am aware that there is another gin-based drink out there calling itself a ‘Fallen Angel’. This recipe was taken from a bar in South London and I can’t tell you which one takes precedence. (I assume gin based one.)


  1. 1½ msr

  2. ½ msr

  3. 3 msr

The Marvellous Method

Pour ingredients over ice in shaker.  Shake, pour, drink.

Bison Grass Vodka

Pear Liqueur

Apple Juice

Fizzy Pants