Sadly, neither of us has had the fortune to visit Brazil, but in the absence of first hand experience of that great country, we have done our best to create 'Little Brazil' by getting blind drunk on Caipirinhas. 

The main spirit is cachaça, which like rum, is derived from sugarcane. Although perfect (mandatory) for a caipirinha, there aren't a huge number of other drinks that it can be used in. So judge for yourself as to whether cachaça really needs to be in your permanent cocktail armoury. 

You can substitute the cachaça with vodka to make a Caipiroska, or switch it with sake for a Caipisake.


  1. 2 msr   Cachaça

  2. 4     Lime Wedges

  3. 1 tsp     Sugar

  4. Dash    Soda water (optional)

The Marvellous Method

Measure the sugar to an Old Fashioned glass, then add the lime wedges and crush/muddle so the sugar is mostly dissolved. Add 3-4 ice cubes, pour the cachaça over the ice and stir. Add the soda to taste.

Garnish with lime and serve.