Fruity and refreshing, this drink takes you on a journey as you move through the layers.  The initial gin/citrus hit gives way to a sweeter, more rounded flavour as you hit the Crème de Mur.

Optionally, one can replace the Crème de Mur with Crème de Cassis.


  1. Crushed Ice

  2. 2 msr Gin

  3. 1 msr Lemon Juice

  4. ½ msr Simple Syrup

  5. ½ msr Crème de Mur

The Marvellous Method

Half-to-three-quarter fill an old fashioned glass with ice. Build the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup over the ice and stir. Top up the glass with more crushed ice.

Pour the Crème de Mur over the top and allow to drain through the ice into the drink. Stir gently, but don’t let it fully mix – you want the layer of colour.

Garnish with lemon peel and 3 blackberries on a cocktail stick.