Tokyo Iced Tea

From my limited research, some recipes use kiwi liqueur instead of Midori, but having never tried this I cannot comment on which is better or indeed which is the 'true' recipe. Most cocktails are a product of the experimental process and tastes change, so I see little point on dwelling on what was the genesis.

Anyway, this is a fun and colourful drink but not one I'd advise spending a whole night on as I can imagine things going terribly wrong. Some recipes suggest using 7-Up, but I'd advise against it; use soda and fresh lemon and lime juice, otherwise it becomes overbearingly sweet.



  1. ½ msr

  2. ½ msr

  3. ½ msr

  4. ½ msr

  5. ½ msr

  6. ½ msr

  7. ½ msr

  8. Top up with soda water

The Marvellous Method

Mix and pour over ice, garnish with a slice of lime.

Tokyo Iced Tea



White Rum

Triple Sec


Lime Juice

Lemon Juice