Toasted Almond

With lots of cream and lashes of booze this is not one for those of you attempting to moderate your calorie intake. I tend to see this as a dessert rather than a drink, and nice though they are the heaviness of the cream mean you’ll probably only want the one before moving onto something a little more quaffable

If you make his drink then visually it is a little dull without a garnish. Thankfully the thickness of the cream allows a heavy garnish; a coffee bean or small almond works well (leant up against the edge of the glass) or a slight dusting of coco powder.


  1. 1 msr

  2. ½ msr

  3. ½ msr

  4. 2½ msr

The Marvellous Method

Add ingredients to a shaker with lots of ice, still and then pour into a martini glass. Garnish (see above).

Toasted Almond

Vodka (chilled)

Tia Maria