This New Orleans favourite has only recently been added to The Matthews' canon, and is rapidly establishing itself as a regular. 

Originally, this was a brandy-based drink. However, a worldwide shortage of brandy in the 19th century due to a crop-ruining epidemic of phylloxera, meant the good people of New Orleans had to improvise and use widely-available rye whiskey instead. 

Using absinthe to wet the serving glass is key; it provides the aroma of aniseed/wormwood, without imposing the flavour on the liquid. 

Traditionally served without ice, so it's worth chilling the serving glass before serving, to keep the drink at optimum temperature. 

Or just serve with ice.  It is, after all, your drink.


  1. 1 tsp  

  2. 1 dash    

  3. 2 dash

  4. 1 dash

  5. 2½ msr

  6. 1 dash

The Marvellous Method

First off, get two Old Fashioned glasses, and stick one in the freezer to chill it. 

Add the sugar, water, and both bitters to the other glass and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Add 2-3 ice cubes, and slowly add the whisky while stirring further.

Retrieve your other glass from the freezer. Add a little absinthe to it, and roll it around the glass to coat it.  Discard the excess.

Strain the cocktail into the chilled, coated glass.




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