Pisco Sour

If you ever go to Peru I challenge you to get out of the airport or across the border without being offered one. I went in 2002 and they were not to my taste at the time. As a health conscious tourist I think it was the threat posed by raw egg white that put me off. 

That, and being an ignorant western tourist, I spent the four-week trip drinking Pisco with Sprite over ice (unaware of the health risks posed by the ice!). This however was my loss as this is a punchy little beastie and well worth trying.


  1. 2 msrPisco

  2. 1 msrLime Juice

  3. ½ msrSimple Syrup

  4. 1       Egg white (small)

  5. Dash Angostura Bitters

The Marvellous Method

Vigorously shake all ingredients with ice. Strain over 2-3 ice cubes into an old fashioned glass. Drop the bitters on the foam.

Serve with a slice of lemon and cocktail cherry.

Pisco Sour