Neon Tower

If you like your cocktails sweet and vibrant then a bottle of Midori represents a sound investment. And the Neon Tower is sweet.

Careful with the sugar syrup and I’d avoid using the cheaper saccharin tasting lemonade, but the lemon juice measure prevents it becoming sickly.

My good American friend (and now Matt 1’s fiancé) likens this cocktail to Jolly Rancher sweets. Whatever they are.


  1. 1½ msr

  2. 1½ msr

  3. 1 msr   

  4. ½ msr  

  5. 1 tsp   

  6. 3 msr

The Marvellous Method

Shake and strain into an ice-filled glass. Add the lemonade.

Neon Tower


Southern Comfort

Lemon Juice

Sugar Syrup

Egg White