Melon Ball/Pearl Harbor

As far as I can tell, the name is dependent on the garnish. Effectively a green French Martini and this drink is definitely one for those with a sweet tooth. As with the French Martini the quality of the foam is mainly dependant on the quality of the pineapple juice.

I served this for a Halloween dinner party with a crucifix on the side, stuck into the cocktail cherry and with a drop of grenadine to add a red spot on the foam. (The grenadine then sinks into the bottom of the martini glass giving a red base.)


  1. 2 msr

  2. 1½ msr

  3. 3 msr

  4. Garnish with melon ball/cocktail cherry

The Marvellous Method

Add the ingredients to a shaker with four or five large pieces of ice.

Shake violently and pour into a chilled martini glass.

Melon Ball



Pineapple juice