Gentleman’s Choice

I am going to claim that I invented this one and Matt1 came up with the name after some top level management brainstorming. In truth I admit it is not the same as discovering penicillin and on the whole is an Old Fashioned with spiced rum.

If you fancy a stab at this one but have not had the infinite foresight to infuse the vodka, using normal vodka and stirring with a cinnamon stick gets pretty close to the same effect, and the cinnamon stick makes a good garnish.


  1. 1½  msr

  2. ½ msr

  3. 1 tsp

  4. 1 tsp

  5. 1 tsp  

  1. Orange peel for garnish

  2. Couple of dashes of Angostura bitters

The Marvellous Method

Add sugar, bitters and syrup and 1 measure of the  rum – stir one minute.

Add ice and stir for 4 minutes.

Gradually add the remaining rum and the cinnamon vodka while stirring with ice and more bitters, depending on preference.

Finally, add the triple sec and roll the drink around the glass.

Gentleman’s Choice

Dark Rum

Cinnamon Vodka

Brown Sugar

Triple Sec

Syrup from jar of

cocktail cherries