Frog Spawn

This can be a tricky one. Get it right and you have a great, visually interesting, slightly carbonated summer cocktail which has a great balance of the floral gin, light fruit and elderflower sweetness and refreshing mint.

Too much mint makes the drink bitter; also, the sweetness can vary depending on the ripeness of the kiwi.

Avoid using elderflower cordial - it can be overbearingly sweet and can be hard to control the flavour.

[The Matthews would like to apologise for the poor quality of the picture accompanying this page. Regrettably, this is the only photo that we have of this concoction. This will be rectified in due course.]

The Marvellous Method

Let the elderflower drink flatten for an hour or so. Muddle the kiwi (save slice for garnish) in cocktail shaker. Add fine chopped mint. Add ice, gin and elderflower and stir well.

Strain into a martini glass (allowing kiwi seeds and little bits of the mint to get into glass – the mint should float with some of the kiwi pulp to look like pond weed, while the kiwi seeds will collect in the bottom of the martini glass like frog spawn).

Frog Spawn


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Whole Kiwi Fruit

Srpig of chopped mint


Sparkling Elderflower